• Thank you DKF for an amazing professional job, working with us on our new kitchen, from the moment you got involved we felt sure, it would go to plan and it did. We have recommended you to so many people in the area, and they have all been very pleased too. You are a credit to Doncaster !!

    Dave & Sharon West, Doncaster Centre

  • A 5 star rating is what you deserve, excellent work, no issues, friendly people, great prices, what more could we ask for? Nothing really, just an overall lovely experience, which isn't always the case these days. Thank you so much. Our brand new kitchen looks amazing.

    Kevin & Tracey Lodge, Edlington DN12

  • Simply the best, we get 3 quotes in, yours was not the cheapest, but we got on well with you and trusted you. You promised we would love it and we did and do !! Nothing was too much trouble, always left our new kitchen clean and spotless. Great job and pleased to recommend you.

    Lotty Wilson, Rotherham

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  • Explore the latest kitchen trends

    Explore the latest kitchen trends

    We have put together a series of guides on the most popular kitchen trends of 2018, which are filled with new kitchen designs you can bring to life at home.


    A classic black and white colour scheme is always in fashion. Discover how to create a kitchen influenced by the Monochrome trend.


    Create a luxurious living space with a high-end look by taking ideas from the Refined kitchen trend. Read our guide to discover more.


    Whether in the city or countryside, create a kitchen inspired by rural life by channelling the Rustic kitchen trend 


    A combination of man-made materials and engineered style, channel the Industrial kitchen trend to create a modern, urban look. 

    Urban Wild

    Bring the outside into your kitchen with organic materials and the colours of nature. Explore the Urban Wild kitchen trend to get inspired. 


    Marble, metallics and a gentle colour palette inspire the Vogue kitchen trend, with a focus on creating a serene living space. 


    For a peaceful and pared back kitchen, explore the Solace kitchen trend to see what ideas you can bring into your own home. 


    Fill your home with treasures from your travels and influences from your favourite countries with the Cultural kitchen trend. 


    Bring your personality into the kitchen – and lots of vivid colour – when you recreate the Individualistic kitchen trend at home.

  • The Ten Things Every Family Kitchen Needs

    The Ten Things Every Family Kitchen Needs

    Kitchens no doubt have found a place in every home as the heart of it. The reason for this is not farfetched considering the fact that the kitchen is used for purposes such as food preparation, dining, homework and relaxation. It's probably the most lived in room in the house and is definitely no surprise if you are planning to work on your kitchen.

    In case you are looking for help on how to work on your kitchen to make it warmer towards the family, look no more. Here's a list of ten things your family kitchen should have:

    1. A durable work surface
      For a family kitchen that's always busy cooking up a meal, having a firm and attractive worktop surface is essential. Kitchens provide you with a number of worktop solutions options including a wide range of the cost-effective and popular family choice, the laminates. Other worktop solutions are Encore, natural wood, durable granite and Corian® which offers a uniform finish with the option to integrate the sink; great for a minimalist look.
    2. Wipe clean walls
      It is preferable to use wall tiles around the areas where food is prepared as this will aid easy cleaning of food splatters to sticky fingers and all the other dirt actions that kitchen walls see. You can paint the rest of the kitchen walls with an endurance paint specially designed for kitchens. They put up a tougher fight against grease and stains, and the paint surface do not get ruined during cleaning.
    3. An eating area
      This is quite important as many house buyers do not want a kitchen without an open plan living/dining area so your kitchen definitely need an eating area. If a dining table can fit into your kitchen then you are good to go, if not, you might want to consider an extension. Band If this is out of the budget, then create a small sociable space by giving up your counter space for a breakfast bar.
    4. A place to relax
      Making the kitchen the heart of the home is quite tricky since it has no bed but with a comfy sofa installed, it will become the heart of the home. It is advisable you go for a wide clean finish like leather since it doesn't absorb much cooking smell and is easier to clean.
    5. The latest tech
      What better way to make your kitchen more comfy than installing some amazing tech like a wireless sound system, TV and a charging point for your gadgets.
    6. A place for the kids to play
      It is not a complete family kitchen if your kids do not have their own special area. To make sure your kids interact too in the kitchen and to make sure they don't tear the place apart, creating a toy storage area will do the trick with a few baskets, tabletop games and craft stuff for fun.
    7. Child locks
      If your kids are going to be in the kitchen, then you should seriously consider child locks. While the kitchen is a good place of relaxation, it is also one of hazards. There's the risk of getting burns, scalds, getting injured by sharp knives, ingesting toxic substances and then, the risk of your fingers getting trapped in the cupboards and drawers. And being kids, they'll probably dump their awesome toys for a cupboard filled with window cleaner and furniture polish - childish fascination. Always keep an eye on the kids, child locks are good enough but kids will always be kids.
    8. Soft close cupboards and drawers
      Kids aren't the only ones capable of giving you a hard time, teenagers are quite good at that too. Installing soft close cupboards and drawers will reduce (or stop) slamming, it also minimises the wear and tear on hinges.
    9. A family sized oven and hob
      At Kitchens, we offer a wide choice of appliances from leading manufacturers. If you have a large family, going for extra hobs will make food preparation easier and faster.
    10. Adaptable lighting
      The kitchen is used differently based on the time of the day. Mornings for most families is the busiest time of the day for the kitchen and by evening, it becomes a place to relax and chat. Installing an adaptable lighting solution is a must mainly because we use our kitchens at different hours where natural light might not be enough, focused task lighting is preferred for food preparation, and ambient lighting for dining.


  • Planning a Kitchen - Top Kitchen Design Ideas

    There is no home without a kitchen; the kitchen is an important part of the home, and it performs crucial functions, hence its importance. Planning a kitchen can be a tricky task, especially with the plethora of kitchen design options and ideas available, and the various costs and efforts required.

    When planning a new kitchen, it is important first to ascertain what the project is all about – whether to update an already-existing kitchen or build one from scratch. To make the right choice here, start by considering the condition of your current kitchen. What are your reservations about it (if any)? What utensils would you retain, move, or remove? If you are still in love with your current layout, it is advisable that you stick to it. A layout change is only necessary if it offers a significant benefit.

    If you are looking to switch houses, you may not need to change your kitchen, as this wouldn’t add any value. Instead, make a few exterior changes that give the whole place a new look. We will be glad to help you with this if you contact us. Likewise, if you are interested in getting a new kitchen, we offer an excellent guide that contains the relevant information on the best kitchen brands out there known for top-quality products and finish, as well as impressive customer service, and great value for customers.

    For new kitchen projects, it is essential to assess the existing layout, as well as the possible ways of maximizing the current space. Does the current arrangement allow free movement around the kitchen? If it doesn't, you may consider arranging the fixtures you use simultaneously such that they are close, e.g., the cooking station and the fridge. This ensures that you do not have to move about in circles. Where do you prepare food? Is it close to the oven or the cooker? Your answer to this question will help you to decide where to position most of your worktop space.

    Do you use minimum or massive storage space? If you have many things that need storage, then you may need a larger space than you have currently. Which do you prefer – open shelving or deep, big cupboards? Is your kitchen for cooking only or may be used for dinner parties or brief family chats while cooking? If yes, you may want to create some space for a breakfast bar, a table, or similar fixtures that offer comfortable seats for people. How close to your reach are your commonly-used utensils and dinnerware? If you are the type that has several gadgets, you need to decide if you want them kept away or close for easy access. If you are looking to get bigger appliances, where do you plan on keeping them?

    You get to make these significant changes to the design and layout of your kitchen during the planning process. Thus, you must be clear about how you use the present space and your plans for the new layout, without ignoring your important daily needs. Another important aspect to look at is the constraints of your kitchen. Such constraints include the size and positions of windows, doors, and plug sockets. If there are no plans for structural changes, then you should be practical with what you plan to keep in the spaces available.

    Although various kitchen layouts fit different kitchen shapes and sizes, all of them are under these six main categories. These categories are:

    • U-shaped Kitchen
    • L-Shaped Kitchen
    • Galley Kitchen
    • Island Kitchen
    • Peninsula Kitchen
    • Two Island Kitchen

    If you are not interested in an entirely new kitchen, perhaps in the bid to stay within your budget, here are some useful and affordable changes that will give your current kitchen a refreshing look:


    You will spend less on updating the paints on your kitchen walls or doors, compared to having the whole kitchen changed. And ultimately, your kitchen’s look and feel will be transformed. You can either choose to do the paint refreshing yourself (if you can) or have qualified tradesperson to do it for you. If you are doing it by yourself, ensure that you use water-based or oil-based paints, and in either case, adhere to the instructions provided on surface preparation. This is necessary to achieve the best results.

    Making a feature wall

    You can easily make a strong and lasting impression by lasting a specific section of your kitchen. Patterned and colorful wallpapers specifically made for kitchens will do a great job. Likewise, you can create a focal point by using a unique splashback or a set of statement tiles.

    Updating worktops and doors

    When you update your doors and worktops, your kitchen wears a refreshing outlook making it as enticing as a new kitchen. You can get new kitchen unit worktops, doors, and drawer fronts from reputable builder’s merchants, local kitchen manufacturers, and specialist companies.

    Integrating lights

    When strategically executed, a careful lighting strategy can transform your kitchen, giving it a new feel and look. This even works better with smaller kitchens. You can achieve a distinct character with pendant lights, while spotlights and lights under the counter signify an uncommon innovation. You can also get impressive results by rearranging existing lights. However, it is best that you consult your electrician and see what is possible, before proceeding with the lighting aspects.

    Changing the flooring

    If your current kitchen flooring is old and worn out, you may want to consider replacing them. A change in flooring will not only refresh your space but also allows you a bit of customization. There are different types of flooring, each with different features and prices.

    Vinyl flooring, selling at around £10 per square meter, remains the cheapest flooring. However, be ready to spend more if you are going for natural materials like wood and stone – they cost around £20 to £100 per square meter.

    Decorating with tiles

    Tiles can be applied in different ways to give your kitchen a refreshingly new look. You may decide to use the cheap tiles in a strip behind work surfaces, or as a splashback behind your cooker. Tiles start at £15 per square meter. You may want to combine plain tiles with colorful or bold ones to give you the best results.


    Feel free to contact us for professional guides and tips on simple kitchen design ideas to help transform your existing kitchen, or create a dream kitchen that's both beautiful and practical, without breaking the bank.


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