• Let There Be Light!

  • Let There Be Light!

    Going for a kitchen extension simply states that you  need more space so why not consider a great way to maximise  your new kitchen space by installing a roof window. If you intend to maximise your space, natural light is particularly useful as it not only brings brightness to your kitchen, it also makes the kitchen feel bigger and then, it is free! And a delightful way of getting natural light is by installing a roof window.

    Roof windows are preferred by many during kitchen extensions because:

    1. They are a good source of adequate light.
    2. They aid ventilation – this depends on the style.
    3. They offer the wow-factor.

    Other things to consider when planning your kitchen extension include obtaining a planning permission, working in accordance with the building regulations, hiring quality trades people and not spending above your budget. And while at the planning phase of your kitchen extension, it is important you remember that the goal is to have an aesthetic functional kitchen that meets the needs of everyone in the family.

    To get the kitchen of your dreams requires that you create it yourself and this is a fact that many homeowners agree with. Remember, the kitchen is not only a space studded with top-notch technology and appliances for home cooks, it is also a space to meet and relax.

    A benefit of having an extension is that it gives room for revolutionary design ideas to be actualized and homeowners get to create a kitchen that meets their exact needs. It is also a cost-effective way of creating your dream home as compared to moving.

    Kitchens do not only provide you with a broad range of contemporary to traditional  kitchens to choose from, we also have in stock a wide range of roof windows, installation accessories as well as blinds for a finishing touch. Our range of roof windows include the top hung, centre pivot and flat roof windows and roof windows suitable for installation in conservation areas. We also have windows from leading top brands such as Velux and Fakro for top-notch quality and durability.