• Nine Ways to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen

  • Nine Ways to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen

    One of the greatest challenge your home can throw on you is definitely the task of working in a small kitchen. Having to deal with the cupboards whose contents fall off whenever you open them or not having enough worktop space when making meals make your small kitchen hellish.

    On the bright side, there are a lot of ways you can make your small kitchen look like it’s big enough as you want it to. So what do you do? Simple, you maximize the space. How? By redesigning your kitchen, this is definitely an awesome way to maximize your kitchen’s dimensions. If you’re interested in this, you should definitely check out design consultant to be assured that your wants and needs will be taken into consideration in redesigning your space efficiently and effectively.

    We also thought of nine tips and tricks that actually work when it comes to maximizing your kitchen space and they are:

    1. Go light, go bright…
      If expanding your kitchen space  is not possible and you badly need to refit your small kitchen, then you might want to consider using a light finish such as the Oslo from Kitchens. The finish has a high-gloss touch that casts off light around the room, aids space maximisation and since it comes with an handleless design, it has a fuss-free finish which is loved by small spaces.
    2. Get rid of the clutter…
      On the top of the clutter list is the knife block (even though you might disagree). Instead of keeping your knives in the knife block, you can simply opt for your cutlery drawer and free up some worktop space. A good way to maximise your available space is to store things away and of course, minimise your clutter.
    3. Install an instant boiling water tap…
      This is an effective multi-tasking gadget for your kitchen that is sure to provide space. The instant hot water tap is a gadget that you will use quite frequently while cooking or when in need of hot drinks.  A bonus for this gadget is that with it around, you can throw out your kettle and free some space.
    4. Look outside the kitchen…
      Sometimes your kitchen is so small that it leaves no room for your cupboard, if this is the case then you should think outside the kitchen box. You can also try keeping items that are not actually kitchen items within your home. For example, the washing machine and tumble dryer could be housed in the airing cupboard (your own mini utility). You could also try keeping a cupboard that will be home to those kitchen items that are not frequently used under the stairs. Those non frequently used items can be your baking equipment or kitchen gadgets.
    5. Fit in cupboard storage solutions…
      Cupboard storage solutions include carousels and some other internal features that can inputted when purchasing a new kitchen. It also include retro-fitted options like the plate racks, baskets and cup hooks. These storage solutions not only aid your space maximisation project, they also help you maximize your cupboard space. Awesome.
    6. Get creative with light…
      While being creative with light does not exactly create space, it does however, make a big impact in your kitchen. Firstly, you should have less curtains/blinds as this will allow more natural light in to your kitchen. If possible, you can also install a roof light for aesthetic value and warmness. For artificial lighting, the options are quite many with the most essential being task lighting. Task lighting is bright and focused and is fixed over your work surfaces to aid cooking. There’s also ambient lighting which creates a dining and relaxing environment. If you so desire, you can consider plinth lighting and cabinet lighting for height and width maximisation.
    7. Choose energy efficient appliances…
      This is an important for tip for all kitchens – big or small. A+ rated energy efficient appliances are friendly to the environment and to the energy bills too.
    8. Opt for integrated appliances
      Integrated appliances make your kitchen life awesome. They make your small kitchen feel bigger, this they do by creating the illusion of an uninterrupted run of units since everything is hidden by cupboard fronts.
    9. Add the wow-factor
      Small doesn’t equate bland or old fashioned, so yes you can style your small kitchen. Addition  of a statement piece like a  backsplash of bold  wall tiles or an attractive light fitting is capable of offering the wow-factor.